banBans an user and kicks it from the room/ban "{nickname}" {reason}
banlistThis command lists the banished users on the given channel/banlist
clearClears the room's messages (but not the chat file logs)/clear
connectConnects to the chat/connect {nickname}
debugShows debug infos/debug [userconfig|globalconfig|phpserver]
helpShows the command list/help
identifyThis command will identify the user admin rights/identify {password}
initInitialize the chat/init
inviteInvites other users into a channel/invite {nickname to invite} [ {target channel} ]
joinCreates a new channel/join {channelname}
kickKicks the user from a channel/kick "{nickname}" [ {reason} ]
leaveLeave channel/leave [ch|pv [[{channel|nickname}] {reason}]]
meWrites a notable message/me {message}
nickChange the nick (rename it) and notify all the joined channels/privmsg/nick {newnickname}
opMakes the user admin. Just changes the isadmin meta flag/op {nickname}
deopMakes the user no-admin. Just change the isadmin meta flag/deop {nickname}
privmsgSend private message/privmsg {nickname}
quitLogouts the user from the chat/quit
redirectOpens the url in the browser/redirect url
rehashThis command deletes the cached configuration/rehash
sendSends a text to the room/send {text to send}
unbanWill unban the user/unban {nickname} or /unban all
versionShows the script's version/version
whoWho is in that channel/who channel
whoisShows the user's details/whois {nickname}
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